Why we are here

We are two churches working together in the rural Highlands and we are passionate about Jesus being the centre of everything we do and making his love known to all in our communities. Our aim is for everyone to feel welcomed and find a home at Kirkhill & Kiltarlity Parish Churches, regardless of church background, or whether you have faith, a little faith or none. Why not give us a try?

Services are intended to be relevant and accessible to all ages and include:

  • Both traditional and contemporary songs and hymns
  • Bible teaching and a sermon from the minister
  • Prayers, drama, visual images, YouTube clips
  • Fellowship over tea and coffee after the service

We are developing our core values and vision and these are outlined below:

  1. God first in everything –
    • We love Jesus and keep Him at the centre of everything
    • We worship God with passion and devotion – ‘surely God is in this place’
    • We believe the Bible is the word of God and directly relevant to how we live our lives today
    • We live and pray at all times in the power of the Holy Spirit
  2. Every generation and all sorts of people engaged in the life of the church –
    • We love everyone well – honouring, caring for and serving each other
    • We ensure that everyone feels welcome at our worship services, meetings and events
  3. People becoming disciples –
    • We believe that each person has gifts and talents and should be encouraged to use these to bless the church and grow God’s Kingdom
  4. Developing leaders –
    • We believe that Christ gave the gift of leaders to his church – apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists and the church will grow in size and maturity when we identify and develop the leaders he gives us
  5. Actively engaging with our communities –
    • We are a family on a mission with a heart to serve our community and see it filled with the life of God and everyone experiencing the good news of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom
  6. A growing church –
    • We believe that God’s will is to add to the church, on a regular basis, those who are being saved
    • We believe that numerical growth will be such that we will outgrow our buildings
  7. Engagement with the wider church –
    • We seek to partner with other churches across our neck of the woods and beyond so that we can unite in pursuing God’s Kingdom and seeing lives transformed by his love

Intimations & Notices

If anyone wishes an announcement to be made at our Sunday Services at either church, please contact the minister, Jonathan Humphrey before 1pm on the Friday before they wish the announcement to be made. Contact can also be by telephone on 01463 831247.

Thinking of Joining the Church?

If you are thinking of joining the church or feel that you would like to explore issues of faith, then we recommend going on an Alpha course. Our aim is to run an Alpha Course every year.

Baptisms, Weddings and Home Communion

Anyone interested in having a child baptised, a wedding service arranged in the church, or a home communion should contact the minister, Rev. Jonathan Humphrey.

e-mail: jandkhumphrey@btinternet.com

tel: 01463 831247

Please do not hesitate to do so.

You can also download Marriage Guidelines and a Guide to Baptisms and Blessings to give you some more information.


Our elders and Minister are available to visit church members and those that are part of the life of our churches who may be going through difficulties, such as bereavement or time in hospital. Contact Jonathan (831247) or Eileen Morrison (Kirkhill 831185) and David Garvie (Kiltarlity 741038).


Our churches have a rich and interesting history. Click on the relevant page to read more about the history of Kiltarlity Church and Kirkhill Church.