Youth Church

Youth Church – for those at secondary school

Youth ChurchWe meet during the second half of the service to chat and learn together in a more relaxed way. Our aim is that each person, whether visiting or coming regularly, experiences the love of Jesus in their lives and become world Youth Churchchanging followers of him.



In Kirkhill we usually meet in the church at 10am for some family time and then gather about 10.30am to do our own activities. Lately we have been watching the Youth Alpha series and chatting through some of the questions and topics. We enjoy something to eat and drink together and sometimes watch an episode from a film series, which helps us think through issues like “Making good choices.”

In Kiltarlity we usually meet in the church at 11.30am for some family time and then gather about 11.50am to do our own activities much like Kirkhill.

Young Life

Young Life Highlands

We are looking forward to having a Young Life Area Director coming to Kiltarlity & Kirkhill to build relationships with teenagers in our area. This person will encourage Young Life club nights and summer camps in partnership with Kiltarlity Free Church.