Sunday Club

Kiltarlity Church Sunday School (ages 3 – 10)

Sunday School currently has 9 children on its roll comprising boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 10. The two teachers, Mrs Maggie Third and Mrs Linda MacKenzie are assisted on a rota basis by a designated group of Mums.

The Sunday School joins the congregation in church at 11.30am and, following the minister’s address and children’s hymn, they and their teachers disperse to the church upper hall for their own activities.

Through the use of a variety of teaching resources the children enjoy learning about Jesus.

They participate in 4 family services during the year, i.e. Easter, end of summer term, Harvest Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Kirkhill Sunday School (Nursery – P7)

The Sunday School is now back in session – we meet every Sunday during school term. We gather at the church in time to join the first part of morning service at 10am, joining in with the adults, and then leave to enjoy the special Sunday School activities in the church’s Guild Room. The activities are largely Bible-based – stories, crafts, drama and games. In good weather we are able to enjoy time spent together out of doors, in the safety of the church grounds. Sunday School ends at 11 am, the same time as the church service.

We accept children from Nursery age to Primary 7 – they are all welcome. Do come and join in!

Kirkhill Creche

Wardlaw Church now has a crèche facility operating each Sunday during the normal service time of 10am to 11am throughout the year. The crèche will operate from the Vestry and will have a minimum of two persons on duty.

Please tell your neighbours, family and friends of this new facility and encourage them to come along to enjoy a time of Sunday worship knowing their children are being well cared for in a nearby safe environment.