Young Life Update – Dec 2015

Young Life in the Highlands here in Kiltarlity, Kirkhill and Beauly is only just beginning.  We now have a committee, which is dedicated to bringing a worker here to this area.  There is a lot of work before us in making this a reality, including job description, raising funds and finding the right person.  This is not our work alone -the Lord provides -and is already at work in the lives of young people in this area.  He has brought those who don’t know Him to camp and to club nights.  We need your prayers to continue this work, so that we might see all young people with the opportunity to understand and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for:

  • Young People
    • Exams (prelims) coming up early in New Year
    • Greater understanding by older folks (even those in their 20s) of the pressures faced by teenagers today
    • Christian message to have real impact on their lives
  • Christians in the local area:
    • to support in prayer
    • to get involved practically
    • support financially on regular basis
  • Committee:
    • Timeline for employing a worker – this seems realistic, but tight and a lot more work is to be done at each stage
    • New meeting time of first Monday of the month would allow committee to be more regular in meeting
    • Treasurer needed
    • Job description for worker to be agreed with Young Life International for the needs of this community
    • Conference in Birmingham in February for Leaders and Committee members
  • Club nights:
    • time for leaders to organise
    • storage for props & game material
    • decoration for themes
    • posting flyers around villages
    • organising food


  • January – 12th (Tuesday) Beach Party Theme
  • March – 15th (Tuesday) Nerf Club Theme
  • May – 10th (Tuesday) Food Olympics
  • July – 12th (Tuesday) Camp Club
  • Sept – 13th (Tuesday) TBD
  • Nov – 8th (Tuesday) Mustache Club