Welcome to Kiltarlity and Kirkhill

“We are God’s masterpiece, created anew in Christ Jesus to do the good things he has planned” (Ephesians 2:10)

Welcome to the home of Kirkhill and Kiltarlity Churches. We are two rural congregations in the Highlands who are committed to living in the love of Jesus and making that love known to all in our communities. We are a family who love having fun together and honouring God in the way we live.

Our Sunday morning services are at:

  • 10am in Wardlaw Church in Kirkhill
  • 11.30am at Kiltarlity Church in Kiltarlity

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There will be no Third Sunday Service during July and August.


Services in July and August

Sunday June 26th – It’s new members day at Kiltarlity – we hope to welcome 4 new members. Service as normal at Kirkhill.

Sunday 3rd July – services at the usual times in both churches. We will have Michelle Case with us who is over from the US volunteering for Young Life during the summer. Michelle will also be helping with our Fun Day in Kiltarlity Village Hall on the 28th of July.

Sunday 10th July – we are pleased to welcome Rev Bart Buell again to take this and the service on the 24th while Jonathan is away.

Sunday 17th July – Alasdair and Eileen will be taking both services.

Sunday  24th July – Bart Buell taking both services.

Sunday 31st July – services at the usual times in both churches.  A chance once again to hear testimonies of how God has been working in some folks’ lives.

Sunday 7th August – services at the usual times in both churches.

Sunday 14th August – Back to school Sunday.

Sunday 21st August – services at the usual times in both churches.

Sunday 28th August – services at the usual times in both churches.

There will be no Third Sunday Service during July and August.

Message from our Minister – Rev. Jonathan Humphrey

Jon and Kate Humphrey

You may remember me saying earlier in the year that the family of God is called to look UP in worship to God, IN to developing fellowship and OUT in connecting with others who don’t know Jesus yet. These past few weeks have seen more of a focus on the “OUT”.

As many of you will know, we were joined in June in Kirkhill and Kiltarlity by a delegation from Youth With a Mission (YWAM) who travelled from the United States to volunteer and work with the young people in the area. Their motto is – ‘to know God and to make Him known” and we have been visiting Tomnacross and Kirkhill Primary Schools all week (5th -10th June) together with holding evening club nights in Kirkhill Church. As I write we are preparing for another evening deluge of 7-13 year olds, possibly exceeding the 41 we had last night! The enthusiasm and energy of the YWAM team, and all the young people we have connected with has been infectious and humbling – (literally!). I now have the nickname Pastor Nutmeg on account of the number of times the ball has been dribbled through my legs during lunchtime football in the school playing fields.

I am so grateful though that God prompted us at Easter time to respond to the email from YWAM Scotland looking for a church that could take a mission team from the States.

I am also so thankful for our amazing back up team who have provided meals and accommodation for the YWAMers and made them feel greatly welcomed. Well done all! You have played just as important a part in this mission as the team on the “front- line.” Our Elder led services on Sunday 5th were also another terrific example of the people of God using the gifts of God. In this case to lead worship, share His Word and connect with His heart for the lost and suffering – specifically those many millions who live under the scourge of HIV/AIDS. Again I would like to thank all those involved in the planning and delivery of these two services.

Continuing the theme of mission and evangelism, I was recently down in Edinburgh for the General Assembly of the Church ofScotland. Much to the disappointment of my sons I failed to get a ‘selfie’ with the visiting Archbishop of Canterbury, but did manage to get a couple of motions passed with the effect of instructing the church to consider how ministers could be trained in the apostolic, evangelistic and prophetic ministries.

As Paul states in his letter to the Ephesian church – Jesus, ‘is the one who gave these gifts to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ…’ Ephesians 4:11-12.

To date, the training for ministry within the Church of Scotland has focused primarily on preparing candidates for a pastoral and teaching role. This was all fine and good when the church was in a period of stability and most folk attended worship on a Sunday morning. Now the church is in steep decline in terms of numbers, and in many areas of Scotland less than 1% of the population will attend a Church of Scotland service. I believe, as do many others, that in these times in our nation, we need to recover the biblical mandate for leadership. This means training and releasing the apostles, prophets and evangelists alongside the teachers and pastors. I hope and pray that the work of our Ministries Council will enable this vision to be realised.

Just to round off my thoughts on this, I was very moved to see four churches working so well together on mission at the Kiltarlity Gala last Saturday (4th June).

And even more moving to start the day with  communion together The Free Church were manning the Young Life Tent and Sumo wrestling arena, whilst we at Kiltarlity Church partnered with the Barn Church and the King’s Fellowship to offer face painting, prayer and pastoral support, encouragement, dream interpretation and healing prayer. The sun shone, we all got sunburnt, but it was a great day with 80-odd people coming past our tents and experiencing God’s blessing on their lives. It was a real example of all five ministries and the people of God working together to further the Kingdom of God in our community. I wish all our readers a very blessed summer of refreshment and look forward to seeing what fruit will come from all these activities and the others as we obey the Lord’s instruction:

Therefore go and make disciples of all the nations,,……’ (Matthew 28:19).