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Message from our Minister – Rev. Jonathan Humphrey

Jon and Kate Humphrey

A friend showed me a photograph this week of a vibrantly coloured moth he had seen in his garden; you can see it in all its glory in the photo below. Although we often use the phrase “in all its glory” as a throwaway line about created things, David wrote in Psalm 19 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

When we take time to reflect on the wonder of creation, we ought to feel that sense of awe at what we see, and to ponder how creation in some way shouts out who God is – makes a visible statement of his character.

One of my roles in my previous job in forestry was to organise surveys of the biodiversity (i.e. the diversity of life) within forests across the UK and Europe. Moths are a big part of the diversity of life – there are over 2000 species alone in the UK. Together, my friend and I were able to identify the mystery moth as the Garden Tiger, but I’ve often wondered – and maybe you have too – why is it that God would create so many species and habitats? Perhaps one of the reasons is that God creates life with purpose, each species has its own niche within a wider community of plants and animals and fulfils a key role in food chains, and other things like decomposition. ButterflyThis reminds us of the community of believers that we are all part of. Each person has a role in the life of our community – or put another way – each person has a God-ordained purpose in the Kingdom of his dear son Jesus. I often say to folk in church, or to those that come occasionally but have not yet made a step of faith, ”it is no accident that you are here.”

Like nature, we all have our gifts. We have people that are good with children; some have the gift of generosity or hosting or visiting and caring for the sick. We have some folk that are good at the details and some that are good with the big picture. We are all made differently but we all need what is expressed in each other. Together we “make a body” and reflect the full magnificence of His creation.