Church Friday Club

Kiltarlity Church has a Club for primary school children on Friday afternoons from 12.15 till 3.30pm during term time and when the children are in school. The idea of this is to encourage use of our old church building, and also to provide a small service to hard-working parents who struggle to find after school care for that extra half day.

The club is under the umbrella of the Church and run by members of the Sunday Club and the Open the Book team whom the children know well. We have a weekly craft session, have drawing materials at hand, books, puzzles, Lego and more and play games inside and out.

Children are expected to bring a Grab & Go lunch or similar, and be escorted by us across the road to eat in the church. We don’t prepare food, though drinks and biscuits are on offer.

Anyone interested must register in advance as this is definitely not a drop in club. Parents also need to have a level of commitment, letting us know if a child cannot attend or wishes to stop coming. We aim to take about 20 children full time, but an extra child could be catered for on odd occasions provided we are informed and a proper registration is completed. Places are free. If you are interested, please email Sheila Moir with details of children. Registration forms are available here. (Link to form coming soon)