Junior Church

Bring your kids along on a Sunday morning and enjoy connecting with God through Bible teaching, worship and prayer. Take part in small group activities and make new friends. We meet every Sunday during the morning services in term time.

Together we enjoy learning about Jesus and the life that He teaches in the bible. We can do this through stories, crafts, drama, baking, games and chatting and praying about our week.

We gather at the church in time to join the first part of morning service at 10am in Kirkhill and 11.30 at Kiltarlity where we join in with the adults, and then leave to enjoy the special Sunday Club activities. In good weather we are able to enjoy time spent together out of doors, in the safety of the church grounds. Sunday Club ends at the same time as the church service and everyone can join up over juice and a biscuit!


Younger children can stay with their parents/carers throughout the service if that is preferred as both churches provide a play mat area with toys. There are also “Busy Bags” available to dip into with loads of puzzles, stories and sticker books to have fun with through the service if that is preferred.

The vision for all of our 0-16 groups and activities is to help children and young people get to know God, learn how to live well with God’s help and share this great life with our friends and families.

Keeping Children Safe

At Kiltarlity and Kirkhill we have a policy on safeguarding the welfare of young people and children in accordance with the Church of Scotland and national guidelines. Please see the link here for more information.

All 0 – 12 leaders have had background checks and are expected to attend child protection training. For more information contact our Safeguarding Officers, on the contacts page.