We believe that God gave the gift of leaders to his church, – apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists and those with management skills. And we believe that the bible teaches us that the church will grow in size and maturity when we identify and develop the leaders that God gives us.

We are part of the Church of Scotland and therefore leadership and oversight is exercised through our eldership (Kirk Session). All the elders share responsibilities with the minister to care for the congregation but also to partner with God in carrying out His vision and will for the growth of the church and His Kingdom.

There is a pressing need to identify and disciple emerging leaders to allow a particular focus on mission and outreach rather than expecting new leaders to carry on maintaining a status quo that is no longer sustainable.

We are partnering with other Churches in the Inverness area and Cairn Movement which seeks to empower leaders, equip the church and restore hope.

The mission of Cairn, is to help churches put in to practice the dreams and visions God has set in their hearts, to win their communities for Him.