Presbytery Plan

The Presbytery Plan outlines plans for charges and congregations for the next 10 years,
specifically number of ministers, number of buildings, unions/linkages, etc. The detailed
document can be viewed by clicking here (link coming soon).

The background of trends in the Church of Scotland nationally that informed the Presbytery Plan includes the following:

  • Income to the Church has declined (although not in Kiltarlity Church)
  • Church membership has declined (also not in our churches)
  • The number of ministers is expected to decrease by a further 20% in the next 5 years
  • There are too many buildings for the church to sustain.
  • The need to plant new churches, e.g., the Tornagrain area of Inverness

Decisions affected Kiltarlity and Kirkhill are as follows:

  • The linkage of Kiltarlity and Kirkhill will become a Union. This means a joint Kirk Session, etc and one combined parish
  • The two congregations need to decide between ourselves which building or buildings would better suit the on-going worship and missional activity of the united charge
  • There will continue to be a full-time minister to look after the united parishes of Kiltarlity and Kirkhill but this will be on Reviewable Tenure (i.e. not a permanent post)
  • Nothing will change until there is a vacancy (or unless the minister agrees to the change

What Next?
A working group of 3 people from each congregation will be set up to explore options for buildings etc and to create a recommendation to be taken to Presbytery. There is no defined timeframe for this – we will take our time and ensure we create a well thought through recommendation that is good for both congregations. If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions then please contact either Jonathan HumphreyDavid Garvie (Kiltarlity) or Frances Grant (Kirkhill).