Christingle Service – 4pm on Christmas Eve

All of us at Kiltarlity and Kirkhill Church of Scotland warmly invite you to join us online at 4pm on 24th December for our Christingle service.

At this service we are raising money for the Children’s Society and the link for the fundraising page is We encourage you to create your own Christingle prior to the service and we will all light them together during the service – instructions below.

Please bring family and friends – all ages are welcome!

The Zoom details are:

Meeting ID: 858 4498 4422
Passcode: 2021
Or by phone: 0131 460 1196

Instructions on how to make your Christingle:

You will need: Red ribbon, an orange, 4 cocktail sticks, soft sweets (such as jelly beans or wine gums), foil, a candle.

To make:

1. Wrap the ribbon around the orange
2. Wrap the foil around the candle base
3. Cut a small hole in the top of the orange and place the candle inside
4. Put the sweets onto the cocktail sticks
5. Put the sticks into the orange above the red ribbon
6. Your Christingle is complete. Make sure to have matches handy to light it!

Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Event

14 churches across Inverness will be taking part in this years Thy Kingdom Come prayer event which starts on the 21st of May, (Ascension day) & concludes on the 21st of May (Pentecost Sunday). It’s going to look a bit different than previous years so for the latest updates please like & follow their Facebook page, but if you are wondering what it’s all about, then this short video should help explain:

Stated Annual Meeting – Kiltarlity Church – Sun 22nd March

We are planning to continue to hold the Stated Annual Meeting at 11.30am this Sunday. We will hold the meeting by phone/computer and we have set up a system to make it easy for you to dial-in and participate in the meeting. Please do dial-in and join the meeting if you can – we are making an important decision about forming a Union with Kirkhill and it’s important for you to have your say. The meeting will be short – the intention is simply to present the annual accounts and discuss/vote on the Union.

You should be able to join the Zoom Meeting by going to:…
Meeting ID: 688 854 292

You can join by computer, tablet or smartphone and detailed instructions have been sent out by email. The best thing is to download the app, and it might be worth doing this in advance.

If you have any problems with the Zoom technology and want to register your vote without dialling-in then please email

Finally, you can read the draft Basis of Union here: Draft Basis of Union;

Covid-19 Update – Church Closed

In line with advice from the Government and the Church of Scotland, we are sorry to advise that all services and all other normal face-to-face meetings at Kiltarlity & Kirkhill will cease with immediate effect. The Kirk Session will be exploring ways of making sure appropriate support is available to anybody who needs it.

The Black Isle Filling Station – Tues 29th May at 7pm

The Black Isle Filling Station, 7.00pm Tuesday 29 May at Gordon Memorial Hall, Rosemarkie. This is not a church but a group of Christians from different churches gathering together in praise, listenning to a speaker and singing hymns. Light refreshments available. Perhaps you would like to give it a try, its a bit like a top up between Sunday services. This month the speaker is Jim Rettie from The Highland Healing Fellowship.

Kiltarlity Annual Accounts 2017

The 2017 annual accounts for Kiltarlity Church of Scotland have been approved by the Kirk Session and are available to download. They will be presented to the congregation at the Stated Annual Meeting on Sunday 18th March.

Presbytery Plan

Inverness Presbytery has published its Presbytery Plan, which sets out its strategy for the next 10 years. The detailed document can be viewed by clicking on the above link and is summarised below.


The factors behind the plan are:

  • Income to the Church has declined (not, however, in Kiltarlity or Kirkhill)
  • Church membership has declined (also not in our churches – e.g. Kiltarlity’s membership has increased from 44 to 57 in the last 2 years)
  • The number of ministers is expected to decrease by a further 20% in the next 5 years

Inverness Presbytery Planning Committee believes that there are too many buildings for the church to sustain. Their focus now seems to be on new and developing areas of population (e.g. St Columba New Charge and Tornagrain – and the General Trustees have indicated that a new church in Tornagrain can only go ahead if charges and buildings are reduced elsewhere).

What does this mean for Kiltarlity and Kirkhill?

The Presbytery Plan, if approved, will make the following decisions:

  • The linkage of Kiltarlity and Kirkhill will become a Union. This means a joint Kirk Session, etc and one combined parish
  • The two congregations need to decide between ourselves which building would better suit the on-going worship and missional activity of the united charge
  • There will continue to be a full-time minister to look after the united parishes of Kiltarlity and Kirkhill but this will be on Reviewable Tenure (i.e. not a permanent post)

Nothing will change until there is a vacancy (or unless the minister agrees to the change), but if a decision has not been made on which building to close by that time then Presbytery will make a determination and the vacancy will be “sisted”. This means that if we have a vacancy, Presbytery will not allow us to start the process of finding a new minister until we have decided which building to close.

What Next?

Presbytery meet on Tuesday 6th February 2018 to discuss and vote on the plan. Both churches have been invited to send a joint delegation of 3 people to represent the two churches. We have the opportunity to speak for 5 minutes and to propose an amendment to the plan. The two Kirk Sessions are meeting on 10th/11th January to discuss how we plan to respond. We have until 23 January to submit any amendments.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions then please contact either Jonathan Humphrey, David Garvie (Kiltarlity) or Frances Grant (Kirkhill).

Friday Club – New!

Kiltarlity Church is starting a Friday Club for primary school children on Friday afternoons from 12.15 till 3.30pm during term time and when the children are in school. The idea of this is to encourage use of our old church building, and also to provide a small service to hard-working parents who struggle to find after school care for that extra half day.

The club will be under the umbrella of the Church and run by members of the Sunday Club and the Open the Book team whom the children know well. It will be in essence like most after school clubs with games, crafts, art, music, projects etc and will obviously have a little Christian content.

Children will be expected to bring a Grab & Go lunch or similar, and be escorted by us across the road to eat in the church. We won’t prepare food, though drinks and biscuits will be on offer.

Anyone interested must register in advance as this is definitely not a drop in club. Parents will also be expected to have a level of commitment, letting us know if a child cannot attend or wishes to stop coming. We aim to take about 20 children full time, but an extra child could be catered for on odd occasions provided we are informed and a proper registration is completed.

The Church Friday Club will be free, and places will be available on a first come basis.

If you are interested, please email Sheila Moir with details of children. Registration forms will be also be available on line.

YWAM are coming again!

YWAMThe team from “Youth With A Mission” are back in Kiltarlity and Kirkhill again! After the success of their visit last year, they will be coming back from Monday 12th to Sunday 18th June.

There will be fun-packed events for primary and secondary school children and for families.

See the flyer and below for more details:

All sessions are from 7pm – 8.30pm

  • Monday 12th June – Kirkhill Church
  • Tuesday 13th June – Kirkhill Church
  • Wednesday 14th June – Kiltarlity Village Hall
  • Thursday 15th June – Kiltarlity Village Hall
  • Friday 16th June – Kiltarlity Village Hall

Messy Church

MessyChurchMessy Church is coming to Kirkhill and Kiltarlity! We will be starting a trial of Messy Church in Kirkhill on Sunday 18th June from 4pm – 6pm. If this is successful then the aim is to do this monthly, with a combination of Kirkhill and Kiltarlity.

For further details see the flyer or contact Rev. Jonathan Humphrey by email or 01463 831247.



Kiltarlity & Kirkhill Local Church Reviews

Our churches been going through a process of review and planning, culminating in  ‘Local Church Reviews’ – one for each church. These documents set out the ‘story’ of our congregations and present 5 year action plans with very specific goals. The plans have been written by the Kirk Sessions and the action plans are heavily influenced by Congregational Meetings that were held in October 2016.

These plans were approved by Presbytery in May 2017, and the approved documents can be downloaded here: Kiltarlity LCR and Kirkhill LCR. You can also read the report that was sent to and approved by Presbytery: Presbytery LCR Report. Feedback is very welcome and should be directed to Jonathan or an elder.